About Sirasa Super Star

Sirasa Superstar is a musical reality show conducted in Sri Lanka by the TV channel Sirasa TV known as Siwwana Paramparawe Katahanda Soya Yana Television Charikawa. Its aim is to find the most talented upcoming singer in the country. The competition's first season began in mid 2005 and ended in March 2006. And Season II finished on 27th of octomber. Sirasa SuperStar is similar to the musical reality series: Pop Idol. It's next appearance (Season 3) is currently on going.


After conducting a series of auditions across the country, 100 contestants are selected for the next round. Next, each contestant is given a chance to perform two songs, and from several groups, final 48 are chosen by the judging panel. Afterwards, the opportunity to engage in the decision-making is handed over to the viewers. From there on until the finals, viewers are given a limited time period to vote for their favorites in the respective rounds (that is, Final 24, Final 12 and Final 2, through the SMS system.


The 12 finalists perform one song each week (two songs in later rounds) based on which the viewers vote. The contestant with the least number of votes is eliminated every week. The final show is held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, among 240,000 audience. According to the number of votes received by each contestant on that day, the one with the higher number is crowned the Sirasa Superstar and the other becomes the Runner-up. For Season II, the winner, will be awarded a Rs. 3.4 million worth car and Rs. one million in cash, in addition to the prestigious trophy.


The Newest of the Sirasa Superstar is Season 3.




Season 1: The judging panel consisted of popular local singers Rookantha Gunathilaka, Nirosha Virajini & Jagath Wickramasinghe. But after the selection of the final 48, it was the public who made their judgments through a public voting system.

Season 2: For the preliminary rounds which saw close to 51000 participants 18 judges were employed. But later on the judging panel consisted of Chandrika Siriwardene, Jagath Wickramasinghe and Raju Bandara. From the final 48 onwards the contestants were chosen by public voting guided by the opinions of the above mentioned judges who were joined by a guest judge each week.


The final 48 which were chosen from the stage performances performed by the final 100 were chosen by the judging panel. These 48 contestants consisted of 24 males and 24 females. Each sex was divided into 3 groups of eight who took the stage to win the vote of the public. The top 4 of each such group made up the final 24 while the final 12 was chosen the same way.

Season 1:

Popstar Ajith Bandara Won in this Season along with the Runner Up Malith Perera

Season 2

Winner - Pradeep Rangana, the medical student from the University of Ruhuna took the crown by displaying his versatility. While being a bright and popular student at his campus, he has become a household name following the superstar series 2. His most famous songs are Sihina Ahase, Sanda Moduwella & Mey Sauwmye Rathrie

A lot of people thought that it was wrong to send Gayani Madhusha home from Number 12 cause she has a stunningly gorgeous voice which most of the Superstar's in this Season didn't have. Her most popular singles were: Sitha Handai, Duhulu Malak, Awa Pemwatha & Atha Dilisena.

Final 12 of Season I 2006

  • 01.Ajith Bandara
  • 02.Malith Perera
  • 03.Amila Perera
  • 04.Darshana Pramod
  • 05.Shihan Mihiranga
  • 06.Manjula Pushpakumara
  • 07.Nishatha Perera
  • 08.Theekshana Anuradha
  • 09.Waruna Madusanka
  • 10.Madhawa
  • 11.Asela Eranda
  • 12.Mohan Darshana

Final 12 of Season II (2007)

  • 01.Pradeep Rangana
  • 02.Surendra Perera
  • 03.Amila Nadeeshani
  • 04.Gamini Susiriwardhena
  • 05.Nadini Premadasa
  • 06.Sankha Dineth
  • 07.Buddhika Ushan Premaratne
  • 08.Manjula Nivanthi
  • 09.Maheshika Lakmali
  • 10.Nalinda Ranasinghe
  • 11.Wathsala Madhumali
  • 12.Gayani Madhusha
Date Bottom Three
2007 August 19 Gayani Madhusha Wathsala Madhumali Maheshika Lakmali
2007 August 26 Wathsala Madhumali Manjula Nivanthi Sanka Dineth
2007 September 2 Nalinda Ranasinghe Manjula Nivanthi Maheshika Lakmali
2007 September 9 Maheshika Lakmali Manjula Nivanthi Amila Nadeeshani
2007 September 16 Manjula Nivanthi Sanka Dineth Amila Nadeeshani
2007 September 23 Buddhika Ushan Premaratne Sanka Dineth Amila Nadeeshani
2007 September 30 Sanka Dineth Nadini Premadasa Gamini Susiriwardhena
Final Five (Bottom Two)
2007 October 7 Nadini Premadasa Pradeep Rangana
2007 October 14 Gamini Susiriwardhena Amila Nadeeshani
Final Three
2007 October 21 Amila Nadeeshani
2007 October 28 Surendra Perera Pradeep Rangana

Season 3

Final 12 of Season III (After the Wildcard Round)

Shanika Madhumali adjudged the winner of the Sirasa Super Star Season 3 was held on 8 May 2010 at the CR and FC Grounds. 12 finalists were eventually chosen, among the 107,000 who applied, hoping for a shot at stardom. Week after week, the finalists were put through grueling challenges testing their showmanship and vocal prowess and put on stage to win over the dynamic judging panel consisting of Jagath Wickramasinghe, Chandrika Siriwardene, Raju Bandara, Samitha Mudunkotuwa and Amal Perera. Lastly Shanika Madhumali and Arjuna Rookantha selected and Shanika adjudged the winner of the 'Sirasa Super Star'.

  1. Shanika Madhumali (Winner)
  2. Arjuna Rookantha
  3. Dumal Warnakulasuriya
  4. Champika Priyashantha
  5. Kasun Chamikara
  6. Dilki Weliwatta
  7. Eranda Pathum
  8. Lakmini Udawatta
  9. Thulani Sithara
  10. Rukman Asitha
  11. Chethana Sankalani
  12. Meena Prasadini

Final 12 of Season III - Before the Wild Card Round

06. Dumal Warnakulasuriya

07. Lakmini Udawatta

08. Arjuna Rookantha

09. Thulani Sithara

10. Rukman Asitha

11. Chethana Sankalani

12. Meena Prasadini

The Competitors who got the least number of SMS votes every week

Date Bottom Three
2010 January 10 Meena Prasadini Champika Priyashantha Chethana Sankalani
2010 January 17 Chethana Sankalani Thulani Sithara Dilki Weliwatta
2010 January 31 Rukman Asitha Kasun Chamikara Eranda Pathum
2010 February 7 Thulani Sithara Eranda Pathum Dumal Warnakulasooriya
2010 February 14 Arjuna Rookantha Kasun Chamikara Eranda Pathum
Final 7 Part 1 Elimination
2010 February 21 Lakmini Udawatta Eranda Pathum Dumal Warnakulasooriya
2010 February 27 Dumal Warnakulasooriya Champika Priyashantha Dilki Weliwatta
Final 7 Part 2 Elimination
2010 March 14 Eranda Pathum Kasun Chamikara Arjuna Rookantha
Final 6
2010 March 21 Dilki Weliwatta Champika Priyashantha Kasun Chamikara
2010 March 28 Kasun Chamikara Dumal Warnakulasooriya Champika Priyashantha
Final 4 (Bottom 2)
2010 April 18 Champika Priyashantha Dumal Warnakulasooriya
2010 April 25 Dumal Warnakulasooriya Arjuna Rookantha
2010 May 8 Arjuna Rookantha Shanika Madhumali


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